Mindful Policy Group


In brief John Sanderson is the business whipper-in for this charity.  Its aim is to introduce the concept of attachment to policy-making in order to reduce the huge damage and cost to the State and to society of failures of attachment.  The cost is put at £45bn a year. MPG is targeting some key areas for change, in these early stages the Family Courts in particular.  All in the group are keen on the idea of it being self-supporting:  a commercial company has been established where we are shareholders and the broad target areas are in publishing related to the charitable aims. The concepts are clear but the venture is at too early a stage to write about yet. The first product is a book, to be published by Unbound (!), by Penelope Leach of Your Baby and Child fame, concerning divorce from the child’s point of view.  It will give a framework for people to think about the issues of divorce that the market is lacking at the moment. MPG is very fortunate that both the author and Unbound are donating their share of net revenues from the book to MPG.