Better Now

With this start-up, where we have also earned our target start-up equity, we have contributed almost the full range of what we can offer:  handholding over some months on the model, write-up, pitch, board, seed round and acting as ned and we look forward to supporting this most interesting company further.

It has emerged from funding CEO Alastair Barber’s experience in change management and is a software solution designed to enable companies to answer the second question in this sequence:  Your people are your biggest asset, right? So how are you leveraging them? The idea is a business that you could call ‘Survey Monkey for problem solving’ :  a cheap software to download, and an easy one to use to assemble interested parties around a problem and enable them to solve it in a non-hierarchical way.

 Better Now is at an early stage. It is targeting NHS Trusts as its proving ground.