Cumbrian Museums Partnership

Encouraging better
design and innovation

Whetstone has been advising six leading Cumbrian museums and galleries who are seeking to develop new fields of earned income. The partnership comprises:

  • The Wordsworth Trust
  • The Lakeland Arts Trust
  • Tullie House, Carlisle
  • Brantwood, Coniston
  • The Dock, Barrow
  • The Beacon, Whitehaven.

The nationally advertised brief called for entrepreneurial consultants.

The project has been running for twelve months. It began by identifying a long list of potential areas of income, moved on to prioritising three of these, two of which are now moving into the implementation phase.

One project is geared to increasing the number of visitors to each museum using the device of cultural walks related to each museum, the other to improving the individual and collective retail practice and offer, including the design and production of a partnership range of merchandise.

This includes a Cumbrian Heritage Panorama: A new product being developed with London-based Walker Books and modelled on Walker Books’ hugely successful London Expanding Skyline (above).