Dartington Hall Trust

How can we best leverage
our nation’s creativity?

The departure of the Dartington College of Arts to be part of Falmouth University, together with plans to take back in hand the estate’s home farm, have created the opportunity for the Trustees to review the positioning of the estate around its charitable activities of the arts, social justice and sustainability.

Whetstone began to work at Dartington on the Case for Support for a £15m fundraising campaign to repurpose the estate and secure critical investment for the new overall economic model of operation. Most recently Whetstone has been engaged on an important part of the new model, which is to encourage paying visitors (including families with children) to come to Dartington, attend short courses and increase their secondary spend. Over the next 3-5 years, it is planned that a heritage day out will be complemented by an ecotourism day out, while through short courses with a Dartingtonian cast and a membership scheme, the interest of casual visitors will be developed in the Trust’s charitable work being demonstrated on the estate.

Whetstone is now leading the development and modelling of the proposed visitor experiences that are designed to make significant new net income for the enterprise.

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