Strategy Consulting

What have they done?

We take the view that all new movement and change that clients seek is likely to be led by the formation of a vision. Strategy is simply the combination of initiatives, actions and interventions that will effect the journey from the position of today towards the vision of tomorrow. 

 Our group skills are brought together to help clients to form practical visions.  Their markets must allow them to be reached and we specialise in market assessment.  Their management capability and capacity must be sufficient and we specialise in organisation assessment and development.  The cases they make to funders and to themselves must be well founded and persuasive and we make sure that their Business Plans and their models are persuasively investible along with their Executive Summaries.  Visions must be fundable and we are expert at Cases for Support, funding strategies and assistance with funding.

 Whetstone specialises in visitor destinations for leisure, culture and the creative industries.  Our approach is led by our backgrounds in strategy and business development and our keyword is commercial creativity.  Besides helping cultural and creative enterprises to be enterprising as public funding is reduced and becoming support not subsidy, we also have a strong appetite for clients in the commercial and public sectors.

 Our strategic organisational approach is to have a strong core of directors and to work with partner businesses that we admire and whose principals we know well.  More often than not we manage the project and the team cooperation, the listening to and delivery of what our clients want and the development of the working relationship with them.

These case studies are representative of the variety of our work.

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