Welcome to Whetstone

We help sharpen your
competitive edge

We do two things

First, we are a consultancy. We sharpen our clients’ competitive edges. Second, we provide enterprise support for start-ups and early stage businesses. Our commercial creativity links the two activities. We help our consulting clients to:

  • Listen to their markets and understand them
  • Respond to and surprise their market
  • Form clear visions and sustainable strategies
  • Deliver robust plans, help to execute them, and see them through to launch.

In Whetstone Enterprise Support, people wanting to build new businesses get our active involvement.  We only succeed if they do.  We apply our combined experience to new ideas helping to:

  • Shape investible business models
  • Write the summaries and business plans that…
  • Raise the money and
  • Populate the boards and assure good governance.

Take look at About us, Who we areHow we can help in our two areas and at some non-confidential examples of our work. Contact us for further information or to meet us at:

Whetstone Group   20-26 Brunswick Place   London  N1 6DZ
Telephone: +44 20 7250 5551

For Strategy Consulting:

Paul Askew on +447980 727279
Email: paul@whetstonegroup.org

For Enterprise Support:

John Sanderson on +44 7850 313 214
Email: john@whetstonegroup.org